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Img from DL6JAN June 1st 2007

Img from ON5SL June 1st 2007

10 meter - 28.322 MHz QRPP beacon

This page shows you the 10 meter beacon IK0VVE/B working on 28.32264 MHz of Italian 28322 beacon net.

Beacon informations:

Locator: JN61KM
Altitude: 22m asl
Power: less then 80mW
Antenna: J-pole
Frequency: 28.32264 MHz
Message: ID + Locator + pwr + ant + "pse qsl" + qrss3 (2 letters)

Click HERE to listen the audio file of my beacon recorded by IN3KLQ.

After a couple of months, tested out of my balcony house, now beacon is located in a more opened place. Antenna is about 6 meter above the ground level.
First report was received from George DJ7KG on April 13th 2007, after about one week of work.
All OM and SWL are invited to send reports, for info where send reports see contact on header menu.

Here follow the hardware schematic, click to enlarge. It's a very simple hardware, easy to build. All work is made by a 74hc240. This is about the same circuit used for 30 m. MEPT.


Since August 2007 beacon feed an home made J-pole, build with an 8 meter long fishing-pole, more information into my BLOG.