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QRSS10 & WSPR dual transmission last night.

Due the lack of public MF grabbers on the net, last night I’ve tried to receive my signal in qrss10 with remote WebSDR system. I alternated the two transmission mode so to have an idea about where my signals were received.

With great surprise receiving myself on Twente WebSDR my signal was audible and even […]

3rd August solar storm MF observation

For the expected solar storm of last 3rd August, I’ve planned a continuous 72 hours transmission of my MF station as QRSS10 beacon since 1st of August afternoon. I’ve monitored my signal on the MF grabber of Stefan DL7FC, comparing it with IQ2MI signal, downloading for the 72 hours a picture any 10 […]

Ultimate 3S by QRP Labs is here!

Just arrived (10 days from Japan) I’ve worked for a couple of hours to assemble the U3S Deluxe kit from QRP Labs, later I wanted to try the GPS receiver for my LF activity by Spectrum Lab, so I made the smoke test giving 5 volts to the GPS receiver.

After a while all LEDs […]

A little upgrade to the 630m TX antenna

To make a clean sweep of spagetti wires on the bottom of the antenna, to make my XYL happier, i tought to use the aluminium strip for the first section of the TX antenna.

After removed copper wires I connected the variometer to an old 4 el triband yagi for HF aluminium boom by a […]

30 meters MEPT again On the Air!

Last night I powered my old 30 meter DFCW QRSS3 MEPT.

It is strange to see how 400mW can reach Tasmania:

IK0VVE@VK7ZL (Tasmania)







Some grabbers from USA have a weak trace of my signal but it’s not readable, this mean that my […]


Salve,il beacon in oggetto per i 10 metri è per il momento in QRT causa lavori sul palo di sostegno dell’antenna e nell’eventualità di QSY in zona più favorevole.Grazie a quanti hanno mandato rapporti via e-mail.

Hi, 10 meter beacon IK0VVE/B is at the moment QRT due pole work.Thanks to who sent me last reports.


J-pole dimensions finaly!

Nell’immagine che segue potete estrapolare le dimensioni medie per costruire una j-pole portatile con una canna da pesca per i 10 o per i 6 metri.

An image follows to show dimensions to build a portable j-pole with a fishing rod for 10 and 6 meter bands.Potete fare meglio! You can do it better!

Clamp […]

J-pole 28 MHz

Questa è la foto dell’antenna usata per il beacon.

This is the photo of 10m j-pole for the beacon.

Nuova antenna per IK0VVE/B – New antenna

Nuova antenna per il beacon dei 28322 IK0VVE/B, dal dipolo a v invertita siamo passati ad una j-pole autocostruita con canna da pesca.

New antenna for IK0VVE/B on 28322, in the place of the old inverted-vee dipole now is a home made J-pole.

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