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QO-100 Satellite: receiving with the condo dish! (Hotbird 13E)

In the first period of my test with QO-100 Satellite, I tried to receive it with a 80 cm dish using a PLL LNB. To “discipline” and get a stable signal I used the SDR Console software option for this satellite. It works very fine and I didn’t need any other correction to get good and stable signals, also for SSTV. After purchasing the converter from DX Patrol I begun to test transmission, first with an homemade 20 turns helix, then with a D-Link 14db panel.

I was only capable to do CW QSO, my signal was very weak also with 8 Watt amplifier. So I decided to use the 80 cm dish to transmit and try something new with an existing dish on the roof: it was the 100 cm condo dish for satellite digital channels.

I didn’t know what the distance of the second LNB should be, after some internet research I prepared an aluminum corner bracket with a long slot that allowed me a wide range of movement.


The aluminium bracket with the two LNBs



The front of the 100cm dish

Once the bracket was installed I turned on my receiver which I controlled via smartphone and Team Viewer .

With small steps I moved the LNB along the bracket looking for the point where the beacon signal was highest.

After few minute, and about 18 cm far from main LNB, I found the peak. Some other adjustment for the best signal, now I receive the begin beacon at about -60 dbm with a noise floor of about -95 dbm.

It’s not bad at all!

Now I can use the 80 cm dish for the uplink, I made some QSOs with significantly higher received signals in CW and with very clear and strong audio in SSB.

Other tests will follow.



The 80 cm dish for the uplink



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