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Meteors showers and sky news

This photograph was produced by European Southern Observatory (ESO).


From Sky & Telescope web site
Meteor showers in 2017





With two months to go until the total solar eclipse on August 21, it\'s time to get planning — if you haven\'t already!\nThe post Eclipse 2017: T–2 Months and Counting appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
Saturn, considered by many the most beautiful sight in the sky, comes to opposition this week with its rings in full tilt. You won\'t want to miss it.\nThe post Hello, Saturn! We’re Glad You’re Back appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
The possible discovery of a massive ringed planet in Orion needs confirmation — and amateur astronomers can help.\nThe post Help Astronomers Track a Giant, Ringed Planet appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
June\'s astronomy podcast takes you on a star- and planet-studded tour of the sky you\'ll see after sunset.\nThe post Tour June’s Sky: Saturn at Opposition appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
Following an occultation of Rho Leonis by the Moon, watch Venus and Uranus pair up in a weekend conjunction just 10° from Comet ER61 PanSTARRS. \nThe post Watch Venus and Uranus Double Up Beneath a Comet appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
Flash! A comet or asteroid fragment whacked Jupiter on May 26th. It\'s the sixth time that observers on Earth have witnessed an impact on the giant planet.\nThe post New Impact Flash Seen on Jupiter appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
Want to take your eclipse-photography experience to the next level? Get tips on advanced techniques from Fred Espenak, a.k.a. \"Mr. Eclipse,\" during S&T\'s live webinar on Tuesday, May 23rd. There are now just three months to go until August 21st\'s total eclipse of the Sun. And, like me, you\'re probably wondering how much time and energy to devote to capturing the very best images of the eclipse that you can. […]\nThe post Fred Espenak Webinar: Advanced Eclipse Imaging appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
A brand new supernova in NGC 6946 is bright enough to see in modest-sized telescopes. Here\'s how to find it.\nThe post Bright Supernova Discovered in “Fireworks Galaxy” NGC 6946 appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
Another binocular comet? You better believe it. Comet Johnson takes center stage at nightfall this month and next.\nThe post Watch Comet Johnson Sprint Through Boötes appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
Listen to May\'s astronomy podcast to learn why stargazers think of the Big Dipper as the \"Swiss Army Knife\" of the late-spring northern sky.\nThe post Tour May’s Sky: Big Dipper Leads the Way appeared first on Sky & Telescope.