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This photograph was produced by European Southern Observatory (ESO).


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Meteor showers in 2017





On the night of July 27, 2018, the longest total lunar eclipse for the next 105 years will be visible across parts of Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Six months later, on January 20, 2019, there will be the \'Great American\' lunar eclipse, where totality is visible across all 50 states.\nThe post What Can Lunar Eclipses Do For Science? appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
Hanging dramatically in the west during twilight next Sunday evening (July 15, 2018) will be a bright “star” and crescent: Venus and the Moon. The cosmic couple will be quite the eye-catcher if your sky is clear.\nThe post Crescent Moon and Venus Will Bedazzle on Sunday appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
The last and one of the most picturesque occultations of Aldebaran by the Moon happens on Tuesday morning, July 10. Catch it or wait 15 years for the next!\nThe post Don’t Miss Aldebaran’s Last Occultation Till 2033 appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
July\'s a busy month for skywatching. Not only are five bright planets in view, but three comets and a newly-discovered nova are also observable. And it all starts with a bang on Independence Day.\nThe post Fireworks, Planets, Comets, a Nova — July’s Got it All! appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
This month\'s astronomy podcast tells you how to spot a five bright planets — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn — in the evening sky.\nThe post Tour July’s Sky: Planet Parade appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
Will Mars soon be hidden under a veil of dust? Let\'s hope not. We explore the current storm and the planet\'s upcoming close opposition.\nThe post Big Dust Storm Blows up on Mars (Updated) appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
The dust storm on Mars that broke out at the end of May is now affecting the skies across the entire planet. \nThe post Mars Dust Storm Grows — Curiosity’s Skies Darkening appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
The nearby Red Planet displays remarkable changes every apparition. As Mars approaches opposition, keep an eye out for some of these differences.\nThe post Observe Changes on Mars appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
Don\'t look now — it\'s already gone! Asteroid 2018 LA screeched into Earth\'s atmosphere only 7 hours after its discovery to create a Sun-bright spectacle over South Africa and Botswana.\nThe post Asteroid 2018 LA Explodes Over Botswana Hours After Discovery appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
As you\'ll learn in this month\'s astronomy podcast, Jupiter and Saturn will compete with brilliant Venus for your attention in the late-evening sky.\nThe post Tour June’s Sky: Venus, Jupiter & Saturn appeared first on Sky & Telescope.