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This photograph was produced by European Southern Observatory (ESO).


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Meteor showers in 2017





See what cosmic dust can do! Head outside this weekend for the peak of the Orionid meteor shower and an eyeful of zodiacal light.\nThe post Orionid Meteors Max Out Sunday, Zodiacal Light Returns appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
What\'s your pleasure when it comes to observing? Comets? Supernovae? Occultations? Get a sample of each and more in the upcoming week.\nThe post Busy Skies Ahead: Comets, a Supernova, and a Dramatic Regulus Occultation appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
Be sure to set the alarm so you don\'t miss the squeaky-tight conjunction of Venus and Mars Thursday morning. They\'ll stay close through the weekend.\nThe post Venus and Mars Kiss at Dawn appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
Here’s an opportunity for amateurs to help improve our understanding of Neptune’s moon Triton.\nThe post Neptune’s Moon Triton to Occult Star appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
Two big, naked-eye sunspot groups are putting on a splendid show this week. We\'re also in the crosshairs for a strong geomagnetic storm and possible auroras.\nThe post Giant Sunspots, Flares Presage Arrival of Solar Storm appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
In September\'s astronomy podcast, you\'ll learn what\'s special about the ringed planet Saturn, now visible in the evening sky.\nThe post Tour September’s Sky: Saturn Time! appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
Florence, one of the largest Earth-approaching asteroids, gets close enough to see in a small telescope this week and next. Here\'s how to find it.\nThe post Asteroid Florence Pays Earth a Visit appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
In addition to clogged roads and crowded hotels, the 2017 solar eclipse had another big effect on U.S. infrastructure: reduced solar power production.\nThe post Total Eclipse vs Solar Power appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
With the eclipse just a few days away on Monday, now is the time to start taking stock of the weather forecast — and making decisions.\nThe post Eclipse Weather: Decision Time appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
Enrich the eclipse experience — especially the long, partial phases — with solar eclipse activities for kids and families.\nThe post Solar Eclipse Activities for Kids and Families appeared first on Sky & Telescope.