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Meteors showers and sky news

This photograph was produced by European Southern Observatory (ESO).


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Meteor showers in 2017





A recently discovered supernova in Lupus now shines around magnitude +11.5, bright enough to see in a modest telescope. With photos and maps, we\'ll get you there. I wished I lived in Georgia and not just for the peach trees and warmer weather. No, I\'d be able to get up early tomorrow morning to marvel at a new, bright supernova too far south to see from my home in northern Minnesota. Supernova 2017cbv in […]\nThe post Bright Supernova Erupts in NGC 5643 in Lupus appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
Comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak begins its best showing of the year this week as it slingshots across the Big Dipper into circumpolar skies.\nThe post Comet 41P/T-G-K Greens Up For St. Paddy’s Day appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
On the night of March 4th, all you\'ll need are your eyes to watch the Moon occult Aldebaran. Better yet, place yourself on the graze line.\nThe post Aldebaran’s Disappearing Act on March 4th appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
In this month\'s easy-to-download podcast, find out how you can spot Venus in both the evening and predawn skies.Late in March, Mercury makes an appearance.\nThe post Tour March’s Sky: Venus Sinks, Mercury Rises appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
Clear skies prevailed across Patagonia in South America, providing intrepid eclipse-chasers with beautiful views of February 26th\'s annular solar eclipse.\nThe post Sunday’s Annular Solar Eclipse: First Reports appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
Die-hard eclipse chasers have journeyed to the Southern Hemisphere to catch a short but dramatically thin \"ring\" eclipse of the Sun this weekend.\nThe post February 26th’s Annular Solar Eclipse appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
With the Moon out of the picture, amateurs can once again check in on comet 45P/H-M-P, now making an appearance in the evening sky.\nThe post Comet 45P Returns to Dark Skies appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
Green-glowing 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova will make an unusually close pass by Earth on Saturday. Watch it boogie across the morning sky this week!\nThe post Green Comet Makes Close Earth Flyby appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
North American observers can watch the Moon flirt with Earth’s shadow on the evening of February 10th.\nThe post February’s Deep Penumbral Lunar Eclipse appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
Download our monthly astronomy podcast to spot Venus and Mars in the west — and a celestial unicorn hiding in plain sight among the stars.\nThe post Tour February’s Sky: How To Find Monoceros appeared first on Sky & Telescope.