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Wideband Active Small Magnetic Loop Antenna – updated

Wandering on the Internet I found an interesting LZ1AQ kit about a broadband antenna amplifier for small antennas.

IMG_20160119_185543I immediately felt that it was a great product also saw the multitude of schemes and research carried out by Chevdar.
I then bought a kit AAA and started with the construction of the antenna.
These pages show how I adapted a AAA to my situation, for more details on the theory and the operation I invite you to visit

To build the two loops I used a multilayer tube for heating installations diam. 16mm, I took 10 meters of pipe and I divided it into four equal parts in order to have 4 loops of less thanIMG-20160116-WA0029 a meter in diameter.
The loops are parallel two by two by means of the wires of the same length as they exit from the amplifier board.

The wooden pole is about 2 meters long and was stained with protective paint.

I am currently finishing the control box that contains the control board for the remote amplifier.
Today I did some tests with loop antenna into my station radio and I must admit that I was impressed from these first tests.
I will soon publish the progress of the operations until the installation
on the roof of the house.IMG_20160119_185501

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Here follow some photos about the remote control box where I can choose the antenna modes.

The next step will consist to connect the control board to the PC so to select via software the antenna mode.


Loop on the roof

The loop at the moment is over the solar panel for the hot water, but I would move it higher and far from metallic masses even if antenna loop mode function shouldn’t be influenced by them.

The last image shows the loop on 160 meter band during the last CQ WW CW Contest.


Back side with RJ45 plug for control cable and BNC output



Front panel, ON-OFF and selection


CQ WW CW Contest 160m

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