Antenna multibanda HF (160-6 metri) a polarizzazione selezionabile autoaccordata

Dopo alcuni anni passati a giocare con molta soddisfazione fra le MF e le LF, trasmettendo con una L invertita alta circa 10 metri e lunga 16, composta da sei fili paralleli, ho deciso che la mia nuova radio, una fiammante FT991A, sarebbe stato più utile e divertente utilizzarla su tutte le bande. […]

11 reports from Canada WSPR 630m, VE9GJ

First MF TA of 2018

On the night of February 14th my first TA of 2018 on 630 meter band.

In the same night my first two USA stations have been received at Ripoli remote station with call IK0VVE/0

NDB: photo of ZRA antenna

During last holidays in Croatia I made a photo about a Marconi-T antenna in the village of Kakma, here the photo:

The antenna consists of a pair of towers about 20 meters high with a 2 wires Marconi-T antenna. Under the vertical wires is there a little house where the transmitter is […]

MF tests with the sunlight

This morning, until about 1 o’clock pm local time, I tried to increase the transmission power from 50W to about 180W to see if the homemade radial matcher commutator can resist or smoke… Well, it endured! During the tests i’ve been looking on page and with a nice surprice I’ve seen that my signal […]

MF TX season started!

Last night I’ve been transmitting for the first time after the summer period. A new look to the the TX antenna was made to simplify the shape and get more gain. Now the hat is about 16 meters long and the vertical side is about 9 meters high.

The 6 wires of vertical slope are […]

630m pirate?

Tonight I’ve decided to try QRSS on MF and while I was transmitting I’ve seen on DK7FC grabbers a strange signal between mine and IK1HGI’s. The call was C7MW which prefix is allocated to the World Meteorological Organization. With Stefan’s RDF spectrogram is possible to see on the next picture that signal comes from E/W direction.

Any […]

U3S stuck :(

Just now my U3S transmitter is blocked in TX condition as is possible to see in the next picture:

DK7FC grabber

The continuous line over 475.740 is my signal more than one hour long. The problem is that it was an unmanned operation and I’m not at home now. Strange […]

My first TA MF!

Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km mi 2016-09-27 02:40 IK0VVE 0.475692 -29 0 JN61km 0.05 WD2XSH/17 FN42pb 6626 4117 […]

Grabbed Iceland on 630m

Finally my signal came out from continental Europe reaching Iceland.

44 stations copied my signal and 3 times TF3HZ received my weak signal:

Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az 2016-09-19 22:16 IK0VVE 0.475774 -28 0 JN61km 0.05 TF3HZ HP94ad 3355 330 2016-09-19 22:08 IK0VVE 0.475775 […]