Receiving DK7FC on 17 km band

In these days Stefan DK7FC is transmitting with a special license on 17470,1 Hz a CW signal. I and other Hams are trying to receive his signal. I already received Stefan’s signal on 8 kHz with a 47 uHz waterfall grabber, now I successfully tryied also a 424 uHz grabber. Here is an image of […]

First reception on 8270 Hz

Finally, thanks to Stefan DK7FC, I’ve my first “human” signal on 8 kHz band. Stefan was active for all the last week-end on the band to give me a chance to receive his signal, and pixel after pixel the signal apeared in this way: A well marked peak exactly on 8270.005 Hz shows the integration […]

630m pirate?

Tonight I’ve decided to try QRSS on MF and while I was transmitting I’ve seen on DK7FC grabbers a strange signal between mine and IK1HGI’s. The call was C7MW which prefix is allocated to the World Meteorological Organization. With Stefan’s RDF spectrogram is possible to see on the next picture that signal comes from E/W direction.

Any […]