Receiving DK7FC on 17 km band

In these days Stefan DK7FC is transmitting with a special license on 17470,1 Hz a CW signal. I and other Hams are trying to receive his signal. I already received Stefan’s signal on 8 kHz with a 47 uHz waterfall grabber, now I successfully tryied also a 424 uHz grabber. Here is an image of […]

VLF e Inquinamento elettromagnetico

Questo pomeriggio, durante un forte nubifragio con tanto di fulmini, l’energia elettrica del quartiere è venuta a mancare per circa 40 minuti. Questo proprio mentre lavoravo al mio sistema di ricezione per le VLF. Dopo un primo classico disagio, come quando si avverte sete se manca l’acqua corrente, ho voluto fare dei brevi test […]

First reception on 8270 Hz

Finally, thanks to Stefan DK7FC, I’ve my first “human” signal on 8 kHz band. Stefan was active for all the last week-end on the band to give me a chance to receive his signal, and pixel after pixel the signal apeared in this way: A well marked peak exactly on 8270.005 Hz shows the integration […]

Almost ready for VLF again

Ready again to receive VLF with my new loop. At the moment the antenna is located on the roof under the TX antenna for MF-LF.

The preamplifier circuit comes from the easyloop of VLF.IT with an OP27 and few others components.

The antenna is composed by 32 turns of 0.15 […]

Inside SAQ station Grimeton (Sweden)

Fantastic virtual tour inside the SAQ building