Antenna multibanda HF (160-6 metri) a polarizzazione selezionabile autoaccordata

Dopo alcuni anni passati a giocare con molta soddisfazione fra le MF e le LF, trasmettendo con una L invertita alta circa 10 metri e lunga 16, composta da sei fili paralleli, ho deciso che la mia nuova radio, una fiammante FT991A, sarebbe stato più utile e divertente utilizzarla su tutte le bande. […]

136 kHz… finally!

Last night was my second “serious” TX test on 136 kHz, transmitted Opera32 mode after an upgrade to the matcher.

To tune the antenna on 136 kHz I’ve build a couple of inductors over two hand cleaner soap bins. The first one was wound with enameled copper wire of about 1 […]

Increasing TX antenna capacitance

This is my umpteenth upgrade to the TX antenna to try to get better general performance and get the possibility to work on 136 kHz without tons of electrical wires outside the terrace. The new layout is drawn in the next basic picture: I’ve passed from 4 top wire and a single vertical […]

Toroid matching for LF/MF

Since my antenna was born as monoband for 630 meters, until today I’ve used an autotransformer built around the variometer. In these days I’ve tried to tune the antenna on 136 kHz, beginning to put some mH over mH to reach my goal. Arrived to 136 kHz I’ve sadly found that the autotrafo […]