Increasing TX antenna capacitance

This is my umpteenth upgrade to the TX antenna to try to get better general performance and get the possibility to work on 136 kHz without tons of electrical wires outside the terrace.
The new layout is drawn in the next basic picture:
newAntI’ve passed from 4 top wire and a single vertical tube to 6 wires as in the picture. The hat is always 13 meters long (I don’t want to go over the neighbour roof) but now also six wires come down to about 10 meters to the variometer.
The capacitance was raised from 235 pF to 310, not bad. The only doubt is about the vertical side that is not exactly vertical and it shows an angle of about 75/80° to the ground.

100_4559The telescopic pole by now is not more a radiating part of the antenna, this simplified my life because I don’t need to insulate the base of the pole for high voltages.
This is the usual photo of the whole antenna with an Unidentified Flying Object up on the left:

Now the target is to tune the antenna for the 136 kHz that should it be possible with a 4.4 mH coil.

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