NDB: photo of ZRA antenna

During last holidays in Croatia I made a photo about a Marconi-T antenna in the village of Kakma, here the photo:


The antenna consists of a pair of towers about 20 meters high with a 2 wires Marconi-T antenna. Under the vertical wires is there a little house where the transmitter is positioned. It’s curious that the antenna is very close to the road and a lot of near trees surround it, it’s not located at the top of the hill but probably for its work is enough efficient.

The coordinates are 43° 59′ 50” N – 15° 29′ 47” E, transmission frequency is: 330 kHz. It’s a middle power NDB with a nominal range of 50 NM. More informations on Zadar airport web site:

Google maps:,15.4968233,378m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en-EN

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