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Useful support for cheap sdr receivers

Since we had the possibility to use the cheap RTL-SDR receivers for amateur radio purposes, I encountered some problem on how was possible to place them in my radio station. Usually fix them directly in the PC USB socket is not an easy way, often the PC is far from the antenna cable inlet and we need to use other long pig-tails to connect the receiver to the antenna.  Also the use of longer USB cable so to put the receiver somewhere on the radio desk is not a convenient way, sometime this cable doesn’t support the fast USB transmission not allowing the passage of data. But the biggest problem is precisely where to “lay” the receiver, it is light and small but for this reason it is difficult to manage with its two cables. I solved all this using a simple USB 3.0 female data extention. I got it as a partner company gadget but you can find them on the Internet at various prices. It is very solid, heavy and has non-slip feet. Here follow a couple of photos.

SDR RTL support The USB 3.0 cabling

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