A little upgrade to the 630m TX antenna

To make a clean sweep of spagetti wires on the bottom of the antenna, to make my XYL happier, i tought to use the aluminium strip for the first section of the TX antenna.

After removed copper wires I connected the variometer to an old 4 el triband yagi for HF aluminium boom by a piece of strip taking care to pass as far as possible from the reinforced concrete column.


Then, on the top of the aluminium tube, another strip of 2 meter or so long to connect the vertical pole (the “antenna“…) located on the roof.


Two insulators are ready to be mounted between the brackets in the wall and the aluminium tube so to try to improve the insulation for the high tension present in this zone.

This improvement, of course, lowered the antenna resonance and changed the impedence of the system.

It seems now that the current has risen by 1/8 compared to before.

  • UPDATE 28th April 2016 … :


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