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HF noise Killer X-Phase (eng. subtitled)

My G5RV Special

After a couple of years I completely rebuilt my HF antenna. Based on the same principle of the old one, the new antenna is a dual polarization model. It’s a G5RV wich is possible to “drive” also in vertical polarization. It works from 6 to 160 meters band and the vertical polarization is recommended on […]

QO-100 Satellite: receiving with the condo dish! (Hotbird 13E)

In the first period of my test with QO-100 Satellite, I tried to receive it with a 80 cm dish using a PLL LNB. To “discipline” and get a stable signal I used the SDR Console software option for this satellite. It works very fine and I didn’t need any other correction to get good […]

Interactive ISS 3D simulation pass over Italy on August 7th 2019

Images taken from Heavens Above



Meteor scatter radio system is operational again

Meteor scatter radio system is operational again. Radio receiver was changed, now We are using an RSP1A SDR receiver ( Also the 30 db preamplifier has been removed, we are testing if the internal LNA of the SDR is good enough for our purposes.

Meteor scatter system under maintenance

The meteor scatter receiving site at the APA observatory in Latina is currently under maintenance due to technical improvements

View of old meteors images


From today it is possible to view all the images of the meteors captured in the previous months. Just go to the menu and place the mouse on Meteors Radar> Meteors Gallery> Gallery 2019> “chosen month”

Remote MF antenna variometer

On 630 meter band page a new video about the renewed remote variometer.


30 meters MEPT again On the Air!

Last night I powered my old 30 meter DFCW QRSS3 MEPT.

It is strange to see how 400mW can reach Tasmania:

IK0VVE@VK7ZL (Tasmania)







Some grabbers from USA have a weak trace of my signal but it’s not readable, this mean that my […] web site is coming back

Hi all,

I’ve abandoned my web site for long time because of few free time . I decided to install a WordPress blog over my web server to simplify its management.

Some news have heen added, something comes from other site (the source of the link is always viewable), some is […]