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Ultimate 3S by QRP Labs is here!

Just arrived (10 days from Japan) I’ve worked for a couple of hours to assemble the U3S Deluxe kit from QRP Labs, later I wanted to try the GPS receiver for my LF activity by Spectrum Lab, so I made the smoke test giving 5 volts to the GPS receiver.

After a while all LEDs […]

Rik ON7YD created a new web site concerning 630 meter band,

I invite you to take a look to this interesting source of informations for all whom are looking for “how and why” about this band.

30 meters MEPT again On the Air!

Last night I powered my old 30 meter DFCW QRSS3 MEPT.

It is strange to see how 400mW can reach Tasmania:

IK0VVE@VK7ZL (Tasmania)







Some grabbers from USA have a weak trace of my signal but it’s not readable, this mean that my […]

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