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Ultimate 3S by QRP Labs is here!

Just arrived (10 days from Japan) I’ve worked for a couple of hours to assemble the U3S Deluxe kit from QRP Labs, later I wanted to try the GPS receiver for my LF activity by Spectrum Lab, so I made the smoke test giving 5 volts to the GPS receiver.

After a while all LEDs […]

30 meters MEPT again On the Air!

Last night I powered my old 30 meter DFCW QRSS3 MEPT.

It is strange to see how 400mW can reach Tasmania:

IK0VVE@VK7ZL (Tasmania)







Some grabbers from USA have a weak trace of my signal but it’s not readable, this mean that my […]

CQ WW WPX CW 2015 result.


Here is my result for the 2015 CQ WPX Contest. 80 meters QRP is really hard to do with minimalist vertical antenna.  I achieved something beyond my expectations.  See you in the CQ WW CW at the end of November.


Grabber Aggregator page problem solved

I’ve had some problem on Grabber Aggregator page on December, it seems a server error; I’ve only reloaded the original .ASPX file on server and again the page was online.

Thanks Colin!

Happy 2009 to everyone!!!

Grabber aggregator page 120.000 visualizations!

Grabber Aggregator page has been visualized 120000 times in 14 months!!

Here is the analysis screen shoot.

On 24th of August 2008 a peak of 1901 visualizations.Thanks to all grabber manteiners!

Laurence, 9V1LF, advised me that He’s in Alaska now as KL1X; time and call has been updated on the aggregator.

Any suggestion is welcome.


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