Impostazioni VSPE Virtual Serial Port Emulator – by IZ0GIF

Inserisco questi file PDF dell’amico Mimmo in merito al setup delle porte virtuali su PC tramite VSPE, utile per chi ha radio SDR e molti software da far girare insieme con i dati CAT della radio.




Remoting RX – IK0VVE/0

Because of strong noise at home, in these nights I’m receiving MF signals from Monte Ripoli remote station. There the noise is very low and I can dispose of good performance antennas, not MF/LF dedicated for the moment.

Here is a screenshot of my signal (on the left) while just some minute before (00:18) the […]


I’m testing a simple SDR receiver as a WebSDR based on PA3FWM software. The receiver I’ve used for is a simple monoband Softrock for 20 meter band while for the audio the internal PC audio board at 96 KHz is used, the antenna at the moment is the wide band miniloop. IK0VVE WebSDR Online

Remote Ham radio station Radio Club Ripoli DX

USA direction

From some time I am participating in the development of the Radio Club Ripoli remote station situated near Rome. On this blog I will briefly describe some of the steps that I personally defined and which have been applied for the remote control of the radio station. First of all […]