The project: how to “show” the falling stars to the blind

It’s more than three years that I monitor VHF for meteor scatter signals thanks to the French GRAVES radar near Dijon. This is a bistatic radar that transmits a CW signal at 143.050. With a simple radio system is possible to receive the radar signal reflected by the meteors ionized plasma that these objects create […]

Orionids shower 2017 time lapse video and images

Here some of the best images from Orionids shower of this year and a time lapse video of the shower period:

Friends link about this event:

IU3IOU Giorgio IK0OZK Renato


Perseidi 2017, report un pò in ritardo

Solo ora sono riuscito a terminare la stesura del report sulle Perseidi 2017. Purtroppo ancora ho problemi nel far lavorare assieme SpectrumLab con RMob con la conseguenza che i dati degli eventi non si distribuiscono per ore ma sono raggruppati in grossi “ammassi”, solo grazie all’indispensabile e preziosissimo aiuto del mio amico e […]

My Perseid 2017 time lapse video

Quadrantids Meteors shower

A very big echo captured during this meteors shower event:

Almost a 2 minutes long echo with a very strong reflection signal. The same signal was received from other GRAVES friends.

GRAVES TX power down.

Suddenly today at about 10:20 UTC no more echoes from GRAVES transmitter have been received at my meteor receiver. A Christmas time maintenance?

Shortly before a strange activity has been captured from my receiver some Hz upper the usual meteor frequency.


Meteors Radar

In these last days I focused my free time to meteors radar by French GRAVES VHF Radar transmitter. The new page is here: Meteors Radar.

On this page you can find a 3 minutes auto-refresh picture almost real time. Just under a statistics image of received meteors signals.

At the moment the system is composed by […]