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Draconids 2018 meteor shower

From the APA-LAN observatory it was possible to record a nice meteor outburst last night, this was confirmed also from IMO members who posted some pictures of the event. In the images that follow is possible to compare the last past 5 days until the Draconids peak.

The presence of […]

APA – lan|Meteor scatter antenna improving

After about a month and a half from the beginning of the meteor scatter project with a satisfactory success, we wanted to make a small improvement to the reception system by doubling the antenna. From the beginning the antenna was a four element 1.5 lambda boom length with a gain of about 8.5 dbd. We […]

The project: how to “show” the falling stars to the blind

It’s more than three years that I monitor VHF for meteor scatter signals thanks to the French GRAVES radar near Dijon. This is a bistatic radar that transmits a CW signal at 143.050. With a simple radio system is possible to receive the radar signal reflected by the meteors ionized plasma that these […]

Orionids shower 2017 time lapse video and images

Here some of the best images from Orionids shower of this year and a time lapse video of the shower period:

Friends link about this event:

IU3IOU Giorgio IK0OZK Renato


Perseidi 2017, report un pò in ritardo

Solo ora sono riuscito a terminare la stesura del report sulle Perseidi 2017. Purtroppo ancora ho problemi nel far lavorare assieme SpectrumLab con RMob con la conseguenza che i dati degli eventi non si distribuiscono per ore ma sono raggruppati in grossi “ammassi”, solo grazie all’indispensabile e preziosissimo aiuto del mio amico e […]

My Perseid 2017 time lapse video

Quadrantidi 2017: un piccolo report (ITA)

Grazie alla positiva esperienza avuta con le Perseidi della scorsa estate, da poco prima di Natale ho pensato di installare una postazione fissa che mi permettesse un monitoraggio pressocchè continuo degli eventi meteorici tramite la ricezione in VHF del segnale del radar GRAVES.

Filtro in costruzione

Dopo un primo periodo […]

Quadrantids Meteors shower

A very big echo captured during this meteors shower event:

Almost a 2 minutes long echo with a very strong reflection signal. The same signal was received from other GRAVES friends.

GRAVES TX power down.

Suddenly today at about 10:20 UTC no more echoes from GRAVES transmitter have been received at my meteor receiver. A Christmas time maintenance?

Shortly before a strange activity has been captured from my receiver some Hz upper the usual meteor frequency.


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