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My Perseid 2017 time lapse video

ISS Radar Echoes

What follows is the capture of ISS (International Space Station) passing over my coordinates this morning. The fast descending signal is the trace of doppler echo from GRAVES signal.

The yellow circle shows where the ISS was about during the capture and the red arrow the direction.


Quadrantids Meteors shower

A very big echo captured during this meteors shower event:

Almost a 2 minutes long echo with a very strong reflection signal. The same signal was received from other GRAVES friends.

GRAVES TX power down.

Suddenly today at about 10:20 UTC no more echoes from GRAVES transmitter have been received at my meteor receiver. A Christmas time maintenance?

Shortly before a strange activity has been captured from my receiver some Hz upper the usual meteor frequency.


Meteors Radar

In these last days I focused my free time to meteors radar by French GRAVES VHF Radar transmitter. The new page is here: Meteors Radar.

On this page you can find a 3 minutes auto-refresh picture almost real time. Just under a statistics image of received meteors signals.

At the moment the system is composed by […]